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The Achiever-CspLO
You scored 57% self-confidence, 51% spontaneity, 26% symbolic-ness, and 58% orbigidity!
The Achiever

You are: Confident/Semi-Spontaneous/Literal/Orbigid

The test tracks 4 variables, which are as follows:

Insecurity v. Self-Confidence (the social sphere; please note that self-confidence is not a measure of self-esteem)
Spontaneity v. Structuredness* (how one arranges activities in daily life)
Symbolic-ness v. Literal-ness (way of looking at stuff and, particularly, expressing oneself)
Orbigidity v. Banaciousness (way of dealing with information, particularly in the social realm)

Most of those are pretty straightforward, I think, except the last. I couldn't find the perfect words to describe what I was trying to measure with that variable (my good friend Thesaurus.com was of no help), so I decided to make up new words because I am better than the English language. Basically, orbigidity is the tendency to look closely at everything, to make sure things are thorough, to investigate and often over-analyze people and situations; banaciousness, which we shall call the opposite of orbigidity, is a carefree acceptance of most things without meticulous examination. If, for example, you'd spend hours writing an OKCupid test only to spend more hours going back and checking for typos or any other possible reason the test-takers might think you are stupid or pretentious, then you are probably more orbigid than banacious.

*If your spontaneity score is an uppercase letter ("S" for more structured or "P" for more spontaneous), then it means you take an extreme on one end of the spectrum. The lowercase "sp", however, denotes a way of life that is neither extremely organized/structured/planned nor extremely impulsive.

Yep. So thanks for taking my test and stuff.

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:

Higher than 65% on self-confidence

Higher than 49% on spontaneity

Higher than 5% on symbolic-ness

Higher than 50% on orbigidity
Link: The Better Than Myers-Briggs Test written by foreignlump on Ok Cupid
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